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An action adventure game, with the look and feel of old school 90's games, with modern game play elements. · By Oblitus Games


Recent updates

Trysaria Update 1.6.2
==1.6.2 EA== ==Changes== *Increased Bronze Sword Knockback(I don't know why it was so low, sorry about that.) *Increased All Daggers and Wooden Stick Knockback...
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Trysaria Update 1.6.0 Patch Notes
==1.6.0 EA== ===Changes=== *Reworked audio systems. *Added a new volume options to the game. You can now change the volume of the background music sound effects...
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Trysaria Update 1.6.0
#Trysaria Update 1.6.0 "The Audio Update" will release, October 15th! It includes some nice new features. The new Audio System and Menu. A new EXP System, EXP i...
Trysaria Patch 1.5.4
==1.5.4 EA== ===Changes=== *You will have to reenter Red Rock Village If you are playing as the day turns to October 31st.(you will no longer see little shadows...
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Trysaria Ol' Hallow Event!
#Trysaria Ol' Hallow One night event coming October 31st. Be were of #OlHallow . #indiegames #indiegame #indiedev #pixelart #SundayFunday #SundayThoughts #Octob...
Trysaria 1.5.0 Complete patch notes
New Features Cooking Time to chop, chop, chop Trysarians! Cooking is officially coming to Trysaria via Patch 1.5.0. At our Camp Site areas, you'll be able to ta...
Trysaria 1.5.0 Release Date
#Trysaria Update 1.5.0 September 19th! Patch notes will be released soon...
Upcoming: Patch 1.5.0
Fellow Trysarians, we have news! Today we're detailing update 1.5.0 to Trysaria, which will include two major additions to the game! FEATURE ADDITION: COOKING T...

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