Trysaria Update 1.6.0 Patch Notes

==1.6.0 EA==


*Reworked audio systems.
*Added a new volume options to the game. You can now change the volume of the background music sound effects and ambient sounds.
*Adjusted default volume levels of some sound effects.
*Changed the Shack in Red Rock Fields to an Old Shack.
*Changed how EXP works and how much the world gives out when you do everyday tasks.
*EXP Orbs have been added to the game. Green (Uncommon) Blue (Rare) Purple (Epic) Orange (Legendary)
*EXP now scales as you level.
*Mobs now scale as you level.
*Adjusted prices for Chapple, Cherry Cheese, Fish and  Chips and Roambeets Meals. 
*Increased the rarity of the Black Apple for the Red Rock Shop.
*Items star rarity added to the game. White (Common) Red (Uncommon) Blue (Rare) Purple (Epic) Orange (Legendary) Gray (Artifact(DLC Items Mainly))
*Noxus Mushroom and Logs sale price has been cut in half.

===Bug fixes===

*Fixed a bug where the darkness in a cave or darkroom, would cause the title screen to stay dark when returning to the title screen from a dark room.
*Fixed a bug that caused the giant bushes to keep animating.
*Fixed a bug that would cause the player to get stuck when saving at a save crystal.
*Fixed a bug where unlocking, a wooden door would promote you to hit OK.
*Fixed a bug that would cause the main menus ambient sound effects to keep playing, when continuing a game from the continue screen.
*Fixed a bug where bees would not drop bee stringers.

==Engine fixes==

*Engine Update Fixed the Wiki bug.

===Known Bug===

*The music stops playing at random times, to fix this try and get to an area that triggers a new song, like Red Rock Village or the Thylaic Caves, etc.

*Equipping a One-handed Item sometimes causes an item in the left or right hand to be removed. (In Testing)


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Oct 15, 2019

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