Trysaria Update 1.6.3

==1.6.3 EA==
(You will have to start a new game with 1.6.3)

*Added an EXP Bar.
*EXP Orbs now go through walls.
*Added Awareness animations to all mobs in-game.
*Hornets now attack Bee's if Bees attack them.
*Adjusted Blue Crabs attack range.
*Changed Game default Volume to 50.
*Added gif recording(PC Only), record a gif by pressing G to start recording lasting for 10 seconds.(This will make the game run slow)(Records for 10 seconds)
*Purple slimes no longer drop EXP when despawning.
*Added play time to the in-game stats menu.
*Adjusted Blue crabs drop.
*Remade the Save and Load systems from the ground up.
*Added Stat icons, in the in-game stats screen.
*Shops now display your current gold amount in the bottom right of the screen.
*Changed Wooden Sticks durability 25 to 15.
*Added a durability Status to show on the screen when a weapon's durability is low.
*Items with low durability will shade red in the inventory.
*Added a gift box icon. (It will show up every hour spent playing the game.)
*Added Purple and Gold reward chest in any Inn in-game. (Visit them for a thank you reward for playing every hour spent in-game.)
*Remade wooden, bronze and iron spears graphics.
*Adjusted flavor text on the wooden fishing spear.
*adjusted wooden fishing spears Sell price Item Worth and Damage, Rarity changed to 2 White Star.
*Added Wooden Spear to the game.
*Adjusted iron spear Sell price Item worth and damage increased, Rarity changed to 1 green star.
*Added Wooden Spear and bronze spear to the weapon shop in red rock.
*Added Zulu Gonji Spear to the game.
*Added Gal Thorn Spear to the game.
*Added Valkyrja Dagger to the game.
*Added Turducken to the game a Random Turducken will spawn in the world during the Giggle Gob Event NOV. 28th.
*Added a Drumstick weapon to the game.
*Removed Direction image.
*Added Moon Phase system (Mostly idle for now will be used later on in development.)
*Lighting Blots no longer leave dirt marks or cause item drops when hitting objects or the ground.

==Bug fixes==

*Fixed a bug in the EXP system.
*Fixed a bug that caused the weather to reset after talking to Reeth, about killing the Slime Queen.
*Fixed a bug that caused fish to not drop EXP when gathered.
*Fixed a bug that caused Crafting and Shop screen to go under the in-game HUD.
*Fixed a bug with Arrow Stack Chest not showing they were locked and needed a Key.
*Fixed a bug that caused weapons to deal the wrong amount of damage.
*Fixed a bug where items would unequip when closing sell screens or crafting screens.
*Fixed a bug that caused footsteps to draw on walls. (Footsteps will no longer draw when near a wall.)
*Fixed a bug that would cause the intro room to soft-lock when canceling a conversation.

===Known Bug===

*The music stops playing at random times, to fix this try and get to an area that triggers a new song, like Red Rock Village or the Thylaic Caves, etc.

*Equipping a One-handed Item sometimes causes an item in the left or right hand to be removed. (In Testing)


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