1.3.2/1.3.4 Patch Notes

Trysaria patch notes.

1.3.2 EA

* All items have been removed from the start of the game.
* Intro has been added.
* The first and second part of the main story has been added to the game.
* New Item added to the game.
* Changed chest at the top of Red Rock Mt.

Bug fixes

* Fixed bug where arrows would subtract at random when entering Red Rock Village.
* Fixed the wooden sword. ((It was not ment to come out in the hot fix)) * Fixed Text when the player talks, with it not reseting or showing the correct text.

1.3.4 EA


* Added Weapon shop, in Red Rock Village.

Bug fixes

* Fixed messages displaying under objects.

** Known Bug ***

Two handed weapons don't unequip from both hands when a one handed item is equip.

Weather effects cause the game to error and crash at random accounts. ((Might be fixed))

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