1.4.0 Patch Notes.

1.4.0 EA


* Added a confirmation message when destroying an item.
* Added game version to the title screen.
* Added new main menu.
* Changed Credits.
* Added multiple new areas to explore.
* Blacksmith's Weapon Shop, now Buys items.
* Area Tags removed.
* Sign Post added to the world.
* New mobs and Notorious Beasts, and Loot and Items added to the world.
* Rebuild the save & load systems and how the game loads up, the first time played.
* Added new NPCs to the world.
* Added New Side Quest and Main Story Quest.
* Added Idle Animations for all the current NPC's in the Game.
* Changed the way Normal Bee's act when attacking, and how long they will live once they sting you.
* Redrew the Small & Cave Bats, and Wings when dropped.
* Adjusted the Inventory and text on the screen.
* Added Flavor text to all the current items in the game.
* Added Skip function on the load screens, when a new game is started.
* The game no longer starts a night, it now starts are sunrise.
* Added a new UI design to the inventory and dialogue boxes.
* Remade all of the shop systems and UI.
* Reworked and designed how the Anvil in RedRock Repairs damaged items.
* Re-Added and redesigned the campfire, You can now shot arrows into the fire for a chance to light an arrow on fire.
* Added a New Easter Egg to the world of Trysaria.
* Added torches and lamps that will come on at night.
* Added the full versions, of the music into the game.
* Add all indoor levels to every building in Red Rock.
* Revamped a few graphics in the game, With more to be added.
* Added New Shop systems, you now get prompt to Buy, Sell, Repair, Rest and Save.
* Save Crystals have been removed from Red Rock Village and The Muddy Hills.
* New meals have been added to the Inn in Red Rock.
* Status effects have been added.
* Buffs and debuffs have been added to the game. Noxsickness(Poison) Frozen effect, Burn Dot, Stone, Str Up Dex Up Speed Up, Down, of course, Mini effect, Nausea.
* Added new weapon type to the game. Swords are now Slash Damage, Spears and Arrows Pierce Damage Wooden and Axes Blunt Damage.
* New Graphic sprites for Bees.
* Rebuilt Sell, Trash and Destroy Functions.
* Rebuilt and improved The Muddy Pits.
* Removed all simulated blood from the game.
* Re-Added hearts, and made a new image for the heart from a save point.
* Added Game Over music to the game over screen.
* Reworked Food Shop in Red Rock Village, it no longer crashes the game, but still has a bug.
* All weapon speeds have been adjusted and reworked.
* Some chest now require keys to open.
* Added some ambient music and sound effect to the world to give it more life.
* Added Ake a traveling merchant, He sells rare and expensive goods.
* Game over screen has been reworked.
* Bows are now two-handed weapons.
* Reworked Yellow Queen Slime.
* Reworked Ranged Green Slimes.
* Added an in-game menu, by pressing Escape on a keyboard or the Select button on the controller.
* Added Options to the main menu.

Bug fixes

* Fixed a bug that caused a few fish to swim on land.
* Fixed a bug where Eldwind would cause an error when talking to him.
* Fixed a bug where items would not load there amounts when you saved/loaded a game save.
* Fixed a bug where the Narrator would cause the game to crash.
* Fixed a bug where some music would not change when entering an area.
* Fixed a bug where items would not remove from the action boxes when amount or durability is 0.
* Fixed a bug where the Innkeeper in Red Rock would take your gold then put you in debt.
* Fixed a bug that caused the shop to not load correctly and crash.
* Fixed a bug with Two-handed weapons, they now take up both item slots and remove and equip correctly.
* Fixed bug that caused the ambient sounds from the title screen to bleed over into the games intro level.
* Fixed a bug where a game over would stop all music.
* Fixed bug where ranged slimes would not stop attacking.
* Fixed a bug where Bee's would get stuck in a level boundary.

** Known Bug ***
Issues with Saving/Loading: Inventory Quantities are not always correct.

When exiting via the in-game menu, the title screen will remain shaded.

Sometimes arrow stacks cannot be used, Might be caused by the continuation of a game.

Mobs sometimes walk through walls. (caused by not leaving the attack state)

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