Trysaria 1.4.1 Patch Notes

1.4.1 EA

* Adjusted the Old Wooden Sword stats.

Bug fixes

* Fixed a Bug that made the Old Wooden Sword's beam drop arrows on collision.
* Fixed a Bug that caused the main story to not continue after talking to the hooded man and leaving the village.
* Fixed a bug that caused the Grud Mush Mob to error out when hit with a ranged weapon.

** Known Bug ***

Game Freezes at random.

Music stops playing at random times.

Sometimes arrow stacks cannot be used, Might be caused by the continuation of a game.

Equipping a One handed Item some time bugs out and you have to Equip a two-handed weapon to fix it.

Sometimes the game does not create a save file, to prevent this save at the Inn in Red Rock when you start a New Game.

Sometimes the game bugs the intro when using a controller.


Trysaria.exe 95 MB
Jun 29, 2019

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