Trysaria 1.4.2 Preliminary patch notes

Trysaria Patch 1.4.2 will release Monday, July 8th, These are just Preliminary patch notes.
Complete notes will release before the patch comes out. (this is done because the patch still being worked on.)

1.4.2 EA
Preliminary patch notes.


* Adjusted UI's.
* Slimes die when jumping into the water.
* Removed bat spawner in Thylaic Cave Exit.
* Changed the dialogue interaction key to Sell / Trash L on Keyboard and Y or Triangle on a controller.
* Added a confirmation screen when you start a new game. Starting a new game will delete your old save file.

Bug fixes

* Fixed Bug where The Old man in the cave would not leave after talking to him.
* Fixed broken level link in Thylaic Caves.
* Fixed Negative one bug on the players HUD.
* Made a temp fix for the music player, now the music won't fully stop for a long period of time.
* Fixed Weather system.
* Fixed a bug where the correct music would not continue playing when entering some areas.
* Fixed apple flavor text, it would display wrong.
* Fixed a bug where New Game Saves would not create at the start of a New Game.

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