Trysaria 1.4.2 Complete patch notes

1.4.2 EA
Complete patch notes.


* Adjusted UI's.
* Slimes die when jumping into the water.
* Removed bat spawner in Thylaic Cave Exit.
* Added Text to promote on Shack door in Thylaic Beach.
* Changed the dialogue interaction key to Sell / Trash L on Keyboard and Y or Triangle on a controller.
* Changed how Shield(s) work when you get hit you lower your shield.
* The swimming skill was added but is not obtainable.
* Added a confirmation screen when you start a new game. Starting a new game will delete your old save file.
* Added a basic Stats screen to the in-game menu. (Will get reworked in the future.)
* Added Key Items UI and Collectables UI on the Inventory screen.
* You can now collect items by hitting them with a melee weapon.
* Added a death image and fade on death.
* Changed Beehive spawn rate.
* Added a visual hit effect on Mine Stones.
* Added a visual hit effect on Pine Trees.

Bug fixes

* Fixed Bug where The Old man in the cave would not leave after talking to him.
* Fixed broken level link in Thylaic Caves.
* Fixed Negative one bug on the players HUD.
* Fixed MushMush bubble, it now applies Noxus Sickness correctly.
* Made a temp fix for the music player, now the music won't fully stop for a long period of time.
* Fixed Weather system.
* Fixed flashing while getting hit when blocking.
* Fixed a bug where the correct music would not continue playing when entering some areas.
* Fixed a bug where any projectile would crash the game when hitting a Pygg Jar.
* Fixed bug where agathos sword, was not set as a two-handed weapon.
* Fixed apple flavor text, it would display wrong.
* Fixed a bug where New Game Saves would not create at the start of a New Game.
* Fixed a bug where Purple Slimes would drop Green Slime Balls.
* Fixed a bug where Dervic Sconi showed the wrong image on the inventory screen.
* Fixed item amount with Coconuts.

** Known Bug ***

Game Freezes at random. (In Testing)

The music stops playing at random times, to fix this try and get to an area that triggers a new song, like Red Rock Village or the Thylaic Caves, etc.

Sometimes arrow stacks cannot be used, Might be caused by the continuation of a game. (In Testing)

Equipping a One handed Item some time bugs out and you have to Equip a two-handed weapon to fix it. (In Testing)

Sometimes the game bugs the intro when using a controller.
This should no longer happen when you start a new game and or die and continue you will start back at your last save. not the Intro. (In Testing)

Patch 1.4.2 releases July 8th!

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