Upcoming: Patch 1.5.0

Fellow Trysarians, we have news!

Today we're detailing update 1.5.0 to Trysaria, which will include two major additions to the game!


Time to chop, chop, chop Trysarians! Cooking is officially coming to Trysaria via Patch 1.5.0. At our Camp Site areas, you'll be able to take up the pot and whip up some gruel with a fine hand. As you traverse the land, you'll notice cooking pots in these sites. Simply walk up to one and interact with it! You're practically a chef already!

Cooking is planned to expand over time following this initial release, keep an eye out for further deets! 


Yer sword doesn't forge itself, does it? Smithing is officially coming to Trysaria! It's time to put weapon-crafting in your own hands, Trysarians.

When you step into a Blacksmith or Weapons Shop, you'll now be able to use the Forge to slam raw materials into Ingots. Each Forge must be fueled with either Logs or Coal. The fueling type will depend on the Forge you choose to use.

Importantly, you'll now have to gather Ore from Mine Stones! That's right, time to crack out a pick and bring home the minerals! Utilizing these Ores at the Forge will allow you to smelt them into Ingots, which you now use at the trusty Anvil to hammer into a blade! Of course, not any old Anvil will do for any type of weapon.

Say your anvil is carefully made from chiseled rock? You can make Stone and Bronze weapons. But if your anvil is made of toughened Iron, then you'll be able to forge Stone, Bronze, and Iron!

NOTE: Stone weapons do not require a forge. Only an anvil is needed.

That wraps us up for today's sneak-peek at 1.5.0. We can't wait to share more with you, so stay tuned at our official channels!

~Oblitus Games.

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